Skybox in Unity

A skybox is a special type of material used to represent skies, usually six sided. It is a cube with a different texture on each face. When you use a skybox to render a sky, Unity essentially places your Scene inside the skybox cube.

To create one:

  • Create a new material
  • With the material selected, choose Skybox/6 sided in the Shader options
  • Textures must be placed in the same order in the Skybox material
  • Go to Window/Rendering/Lighting and in Environment choose the skybox material


In Unity’s documentation, there is some information about Best Practices for skyboxes. For instance:

  • If your Skybox includes a sun, moon, or other light in it, set up a Directional Light that points in the same direction as the light.
  • If you want to have fog in your Scene, match the fog color to the color of the skybox. This makes the fog blend to the color of the Scene sky.



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