Setup Vuforia with Unity

Hernando Nieto Jaramillo
3 min readSep 27, 2021

The Unity version I will use is the 2021.1.22

  • Register on Vuforia developer webpage
  • Download the Vuforia Unity package here
  • Drag and drop the package into our project. If it asks for updating the package, click on Update
  • Click RMB on hierarchy to create an AR Camera and remove the Main Camera
  • Add an image target in the hierarchy

An image target is what the Camera will look for to enable the AR experience
If you want to change the image target:

Click on F to see the Image in the scene tab
Print the image in a paper sheet or from your mobile

Now that we have the image target, we want something to happen. For testing, we will use a sphere and place it above the image target. Also place it as the image child

The desired behavior will be that after starting, the sphere will dissapear, and when the image is seen in the camera (paper or in your mobile), the sphere will be seen

If you want, change the default observer event handler to Tracked

The AR experience uses a physical camera (in this case, the PC webcam) to identify the image target while in play mode

If you enter in Play mode right now (as I did), it won’t work, because you’ll need to get a license key

Add a Vuforia License Key:

  • Go to Window/Vuforia configuration
  • In inspector, click on Add License
  • Click on Get development key. Give it a name and follow the instructions

It will give you a code

Paste the code

Play mode result:

Before and after putting the image in front of the camera

Further info: Working with Vuforia Engine and Unity