Publishing to the Google Play Store

After finishing the game, it’s time to publish it in Google Play Store

  • Create a new play console account here ( Here you will need to fill out some information and to pay the developer registration fee
  • In Unity, go to Edit/Project Settings
  • Customize the company, product and version text fields

In other settings / Identification, be sure the company and product names are correct and withouth blank spaces

In publishing settings, Create a new Keystore

Keystore: encrypted file for verifying that you are the original author of the app and you are allowed to update it

Fill out the remaining fields

  • Build the project
  • In Google Play Console, click on Publish Android App
  • Fill out the required info
  • Create a new release
  • Upload the app
  • Go to Store Listings/ content rating
  • Fill out the required info

It will throw a result

Pricing and distribution

In app release, click on review

Now the app is pending to be published and downloaded from Google Play



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