Introduction to Tilemap in Unity

In Unity’s documentation, a 2D tilemap is a “component is a system which stores and handles Tile Assets for creating 2D levels. It transfers the required information from the Tiles placed on it to other related components such as the Tilemap Renderer and the Tilemap Collider 2D

To create a new Tilemap:

This will create a Grid to paint the environment. The GroundTilemap is a Tilemap, and each of those can be considered as a layer.

A palette will host all the sprites that we can paint

For getting the sprites, we will need to divide a whole one into several parts.
Select the options on cyan, click on Apply and later on Sprite Editor. Set the x and y values and click on apply

Now drag and drop the tiles container into a new folder

The tile palette tab must appear like this

Now select the paint with active brush tool, select a tile and start painting

That’s it. Hope you enjoyed it!

Unity developer