IDamagable Interface in Unity

  • This code is difficult, if not impossible to maintain or upgrade in a very high scale, because you’ll need to the same last 3 lines of code for each enemy type, and they could be dozens or hundreds of them
  • the ApplyDamage() method must be public to be accessed, and it’s a non-recommended practice due to possible unwanted access from other scripts
  • Create a new script, call it IDamageable
  • declare as an interface instead of a class :
    public interface IDamageable
  • //1 and //2 do the same
  • public void Damage() will be implemented (executed) in the same way for all the enemies. If you want to customize it in any of them, you’ll need to add the virtual keyword. This will be useful, for example, when adding animations or particle systems.
  • Health and health values behave differently.
    In the code above, Health will take the health value as a starting value, and Damage() will decrease Health, but health will remain the same.
    If you want to update the health value, you’ll need to add
    health = Health in Damage() in Enemy script.
    It depends on the required implementation.




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