How to return control to Main camera after CM shot in Timeline

Hernando Nieto Jaramillo
3 min readAug 8, 2021


When using CM shots, sometimes the camera won’t behave the way we want


After exiting the CM shots in Timeline, the Main camera get stuck to a CM virtual cam

Notice the CM debug log: the final text is CM Over the Shoulder shot


Return the main camera to previous position before entering Cinemachine shots
You’ll notice it because the CM debug log says: CM Main Camera: (none)

Probably you’ve already got how it works:

The NewMainCamPos is enabled


  • Create a new empty gameobject NewMainCamPos. Reset its position. Optional: make it a SleepingGuard_Cutscene child
  • Attach a new NewMainCamPos.cs script to it

camTrigger is the latest Main camera’s position before entering the cut scene

You can turn off either the virtualCameras or the SleepingGuard_Cutscene gameobject


After receiving a great advice from GregoryL in this Unity forum (thank you!), I made some modifications:

InGameCam replaced the Main camera

After doing this, I needed to re-assign the CM Brain in Timeline for all cut scenes

I changed de Default Blend option in CM Brain from Ease In Out to Cut, although the last one gives a great visual experience, depending on the objective

Finally, I configured the InGameCam options such as Field of View, Near Clip Plane and Far Clip Plane as a default Main Cam, because I was having some issues while launching the coin in the game in play mode