Hitbox attack system in Unity 2D

  • Select the player and create a new sprite as a child gameobject called HitBox. It will be the sword’s collider.
  • Place the HitBox as a child of Sprite. I will use the orange color as reference, but this SpriteRenderer will be removed later.
  • Add a Box collider 2D
  • Select the sword’s attack animation and lock the animation’s view
  • Place and modify the HitBox as desired in the first frame
  • Start recording
  • Modify its values in each frame. In the last frame, disable the BoxCollider2D
  • Delete the HitBox’s SpriteRenderer component
  • Set isTrigger to true in BoxCollider
  • Add a Rigidbody2D and set the Gravity Scale value to 0
  • Create an Attack script and attach it to HitBox gameobject




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Hernando Nieto Jaramillo

Hernando Nieto Jaramillo

Unity developer

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