Character as model and animations

Character as model

  • Remove the Capsule(Mesh Filter) and Mesh Renderer in player
  • Add an empty child object called Model and reset its position
  • Select a character and drag it into the Model gameobject
  • Modify the CharacterController to fit the selected Model character


Idle animation

  • Download a character and an Idle animation from mixamo (Fbx for Unity)
  • Import it to Unity, select it in project folder and set the Rig/Animation type to Humanoid and click on Apply
  • Select the object in project folder, duplicate the Idle Animation and move it to an external folder
  • Create an Animator Controller in the project folder, call it PlayerAnimController and assign it to the player’s model
  • Select the Idle animation and enable Loop time, drag it into the Anim Controller. It will be set as the default animation

Running animation

Flipping the character



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