Benefits of Prototyping without Assets


Game development is similar to software development

In software development, there is a term called methodology.

In a medium article, Gianpaul Rachiele writes about software development methodology:

“Software development methodology refers to the process of planning, creating, testing and then deploying a project”

There are several software dev methodologies such as waterfall, spiral, Kanban, Scrum, etc. and also, prototyping methodology.

Some of those methodologies such as waterfall create a final software product which passes through several phases before being deployed

Waterfall methodology. Source:

There is also an agile methodology called Scrum


The prototyping methodology focuses on creating a rapid software product that meets the user requirements, in our case, a game with game mechanics.
The product will be tested over and over again until it meets the requirements

When prototyping in Unity without assets we can take some advantages:

  • Faster prototyping: the developer should not wait until arts or other phases of the project are ready to create a prototype
  • Focus: the focus is on to implement the desired mechanics
  • Simpler: it is better to create game mechanics with simple cubes or capsules rather than complex arts, sprites, characters , animations or particle systems. Project visualization is better
  • Divide and conquer approach: break a problem into smaller subproblems to reduce complexity
  • Easy test: with no assets, it is easier to verify if mechanics are working properly. With assets, it’s harder to identify if any issue is due to mechanics or assets
  • Flexibility: if any change is required, it is easier to implement than with assets

It is a good workflow for game development because the developer starts with the basics of the game (mechanics) and continues to add elements to the game incrementally, making it easy to get a final product that meets quality and performance requirements




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Essay: Agile methodology also requires processes and governance.

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