Animating cameras in Unity

Creating a new animation

  • Select the camera gameobject and in the Animation window, create a new animation

Mode 1

  • Next, with the time slider at the beginning, press the red button to record an animation. Change the rotation value a bit to record it in the frame.
  • Move the time slider to a time later (maybe 3:00) and set the desired rotation
  • In time 6:00, change the rotation value as if it was starting to move
  • Press the red button to exit recording

Mode 2:

  • Record the first part (movement from left to right)
  • Set the sample rate to 10 fps
  • Open the CameraController Animator
  • Select the animation
  • Copy/Paste the Camera_Anim and set its speed value to -1
  • Make transitions for both animations



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