Unity suggests to have and

It is due to , it is, when you update the canvas, Unity needs to each UI element
If you separate them, you can have to them

Also it is very important to check Raycast only if the image will be a target

For deactivating Canvas, it is better to instead of disabling the entire gameobject, it seems to be more efficient

After some years of coding, I found myself watching code with callbacks, and although I practiced several times and watched several videos, I couldn’t understand it well. Today I’ll write this blog in the hope of being useful for others

First, we need to see a common example

Piece of…

The files uploaded to AWS are known as objects.
To Find an object we need to iterate through the objects list (files list) until the app finds the target file.

Get the objects list from AWS S3

  • create a ListObjectsRequest variable
  • Call the method s3Client.ListObjectsAsync . It will require the listRequest variable and a as parameter. If the , a foreach loop will be iterated through the BucketName provided by the listRequest parameter retrieving all the

Hernando Nieto Jaramillo

Unity developer

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